Best E Cigarette

Best E Cigarette Brands of 2016


1. VAPORFI – Best E Cigarette Brand

Best E Cigarette Brand
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2. V2 CIGS – Great Value

E Cigarette

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3. SOUTH BEACH SMOKE – Build A Custom Vape Kit

E Cigarette Brand

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4. MT BAKER VAPOR – Cheapest E Juice

E Juice

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5. VAPOR COUTURE – Most Trendy E Cigarette

Trendy E Cigarette

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What is an E Cigarette?

Benefits of an E Cigarette

E Cigarettes are very quickly becoming one of the most popular forms of cigarette replacements on the market. They work by way of vaporizing a special liquid solution, which gives it a large number of benefits over traditional tobacco cigarettes, especially in the areas of health, safety, regulation, and more. You will also likely save a lot of money over time since E Cigarettes lend themselves to re-usability a lot more than regular cigarettes. You only need to buy more cartridges or liquid solution. In this article we’ll go over some of the aspects in a bit more detail.


Vapor Is Safer

E Cigarette Health

As mentioned, an e cigarette works by vaporizing a liquid solution. The e cigarette itself tends to look a bit different than an ordinary cigarette, although it varies depending on the brand that you get. They are usually a little bit bigger and/or thicker, and have a part on top where you are supposed to inhale, allowing the vaporizer to work its magic.

Since it works via liquid vapor rather than smoke, it is, in fact, a lot healthier than a regular cigarette. The vapor and liquid solution do not contain any tar or any of the other particularly nasty carcinogenic components of regular cigarette smoke. Your body will thank you when you kick the habit by using an e cigarette instead.


Vaping Is More Accepted

Are E Cigarettes Bad For You?

Many of the laws and regulations around smoking are centered around regular cigarettes and/or cigars. Most of the time, they do not apply to e cigarettes since these products produce zero smoke. This means that you’ll be able to use your e cigarette in many places where an e cigarette is forbidden, and as time goes on, the amount of smoke-free zones will only increase. If you stick with e cigarettes, you’ll have a lot more freedom.


E Cigarettes Cost Less

Health Benefits of an E Cigarette

Electronic cigarettes can save you a ton of money over the long run. With traditional tobacco cigarettes, you can only use a cigarette once since the rest of it disappears into ash.

Meanwhile, an e cigarette is quite reusable, only requiring refills of the liquid solution that it uses. This saves you from having to spend large amounts of money on new packs of cigarettes constantly; you can stock up on e cigarette refills and never have to visit a store in a long time!


Buying an E Cigarette

Where To Buy an E Cigarette

The first thing to keep in mind when figuring out where to buy an e cigarette is that you probably won’t be able to pick one up in a physical store. Very few physical locations stock them, although some specialty stores in bigger cities might be able to supply you, head shops in particular. Still, it’s worth running a quick web search to see if there is a store around, where you can ask questions before you buy. If this isn’t an option, as it rarely is, consider making your purchase online. There are many, many websites that sell e cigarettes, such as V2 Cigs and Vaporfi, and many of them have excellent customer service (especially these two companies), so you should feel safe requesting information from them. When it comes to where to buy an e cigarette, such sites are frequently your best bet.

Another thing to keep in mind about e cigarettes is that they come in two broad varieties: disposable, and rebuild-able. A disposable e cigarette are good for people who don’t really know if they want one yet, or just want something to bring with them when they go out so they’ll be able to puff on something without having to worry about doing damage to a more expensive unit. Rebuild-able units are more expensive in the beginning, and they’re more complicated than disposables, but they’re much, much cheaper in the long run, and produce much nicer smoke with better flavoring.

Whether you choose disposable or rebuild-able, any of the e cigarette websites you find should be able to help you. Again, V2 Cigs is one such website that you should definitely check out, where you can find disposable models, e cigarette juice, rebuild-able units already prepared, and parts to make your own. No matter how you choose where to buy an e cigarette, however, you’re bound to love them. Go get to exploring your options of where to buy an e cigarette, and enjoy your healthy smoking experience!